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Standart System "One game"

System "One game" ("One game")
According to this system, the player chooses an interesting slot and puts the maximum from the first spin. If you are lucky, you can continue to play on this slot machine, or take your winnings. The decision is up to the player, but you can not play on this slot for your money. Lost credits from the first spin-change the slot. If the first spin is not played-go to the next machine on the list. The scheme is suitable for active players with a healthy " bankroll.

What logic guided the creators of the system "One game" is difficult to say, but most likely not without superstition about the fact that the casino specifically makes the first spin winning to lure customers into the game. If so, the One-game system will make someone richer. As far as it is safe - the question is playing any gambling games (and slots are no exception) you need to remember that everyone can lose, the main thing in the game - to be able to stop in time.

I would like to draw the attention of players to the fact that the system can be combined. All of them are tied to the exclusion of a quick loss and give the opportunity to play with pleasure.

And finally, a short summary of useful tips for all fans of slots:

do not waste your money to buy a proven system of winning such a legitimate no;
think in advance about the limit of the amount with which you can easily say goodbye, and limit the time to play;
don't play the last;
choose limits for your bankroll and do not deviate from them;
before the game, take the time to get acquainted with the paytable of the slot, it will not be superfluous to try the demo version first;
don't do anything stupid under emotion.;
think of slot machines as a vacation, not an attempt to improve your financial well-being.
Learn to play effectively and good luck will not take long.
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