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Standart pinup betting on hockey

No one will deny that football in sports betting in the popularity rankings takes first place. But do not forget that there are two categories: fans of domestic hockey (KHL, MHL) and fans of overseas hockey (NHL). Let's take a closer look at the nuances of pinup betting on hockey.

To bet on totals in hockey are preferred by many players. If anyone does not know, the total is more/less is the number of abandoned goals, individual team performance, total on shots on target, the total penalty time and other indicators.
Types of totals. Total more (4) / (4.5) / (5.0) the most popular options for the Continental hockey League.

In the national hockey League, the teams are slightly more productive. TB (5.0), (5.5), (6.0). And in the first, and in the second cases there is the opposite total-less.

Some betters try to choose the whole total (for example, 4.0 or 5.0). It allows you to save money. If a player bets, for example, on TB 4 or TM 4, and in the match the teams for two scored four goals, the bookmaker will calculate the bet as a return with a coefficient of 1.00.

Individual total in hockey. It takes into account the number of abandoned washers of each team separately.

Marking: ИТБ1 / ИТМ1 and ИТБ2 / ИТМ2.

For example, ИТБ2 (3.5) bet on away team will score 4 goals and more.

Occasionally users use even / odd on total; total by periods; it athlete; Asian total.

Fans of mathematics and statistics will estimate bets on statistics. Number of penalty time, total shots on target.
Many people wonder how to predict the total in hockey? This requires a daily analysis of events, taking into account the following factors:

Statistics. The results of the teams at home and away.
Command form.
The list of injured and suspended players.
Tournament motivation, spirit of the teams, Derby, crucial matches.
The percentage of realization of the majority.
The tournament, the stage, the rivals on the grid.
In the NHL, the average number of abandoned washers is 5.5. in the KHL, this parameter is at 4.5. It is these totals are often in the line of hockey put bookmakers. However, sometimes, during youth competitions, for example, the u-18 world Cup, the total is overstated to 6.5

In hockey, there are many different schemes that are often used betters. For example, catch-up on TB (1.5) in the period, odd/even in the period, the strategy of betting on total in the match, bets on total in the last minutes.
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