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hublot watches for sale But it must be acknowledged that our domestic brand Seagull may have more or less inherited the common faults of domestic watches-too much effort in appearance, but it is rigorous in overall quality and practical in terms of cost-effectiveness. , Far less than Seiko. Seiko's unique foundation in the world's watchmaking industry has two foundations: 1 is the continuous development of new watch technology, 2 is the actual exploration of the essence of the watch, the rigorous spirit of watch quality-as it is Propaganda slogan "Innovation and Refining" ---- you will hardly see Seiko watches that will match low-end watches with low cost or quality problems, and you will never see Seiko give yourself The low-end movement is polished with various dazzling "textures" --- but at what price and what goods, a penny and a penny

and then explain a few questions: 1. Seiko's low-end mechanical watch points There are two versions of K and J. The J version is the original Japanese, and the K version is assembled overseas. (The assembly place was South Korea, but now it has basically been transferred to Southeast Asian countries such as Malaysia and the Philippines.) J and K are actually the same quality. K The version is nothing more than an original movement and original parts assembled into a watch outside Japan. The difference is that the J version has MADE IN JAPAN on the dial and the K version does not ... The J version is slightly more expensive. For the affordable version, choose the K version and perfect. The J version is the best choice, it doesn't matter. 2. Since I am buying an entry-level low-end watch with a limited budget, I naturally hope that the more affordable the better. Then the prices I describe below are the prices of parallel imports online. The price of the Tianchao counters licensed Seiko watches can only be described as "pit fathers". . Seiko mechanical watches have relatively few fakes. Don't be too greedy and cheap, there is basically no risk.

luxury watches for sale It is recommended to subdivide into 4 price points: below 500, 500 ~ 1000, 1000 ~ 2000, 2000 ~ 2800. The upper limit is set to 2800, which is also the lowest reliable price of Tissot Rock, although I think the Seiko performance at this price is Lilok does not fall into the wind, and the quality of the case is even more obvious ... but Tissot is a big player in the domestic market after all, and the brand recognition of the surrounding environment must be an important reference for friends who are new to Omihai, so the price is not Buying Swiss watches and choosing Seiko can be said to be basically no stranger, and I don't need to recommend it.

First of all, introduce the Seiko watch below 2800 yuan, divided into two aspects: appearance, movement ① appearance: Seiko's appearance design, no matter what the price, basically the same line-simple and restrained. There are no flashy style gimmicks such as broken diamonds and cutouts. Most of the shapes tend to be simple and clear lines, and the shell is mostly brushed and matte. There are many self-contained design styles with a simple oriental mystery. ② Movement: Seiko watches below 2800 yuan, the movement is generally the following types: 1,7S26 movement. Seiko's current lowest-end mechanical movement. 21 stones, 38 hours of energy storage, dual display of weekly calendar, manual winding is not supported, and 2,7S36 movement cannot be stopped. There is no difference in essence from 7S26.

grand seiko watches for sale The 23 rubles, the two additional rubies are for improving the shock absorption ability, so the 7S36 movement is mostly used for sports models, but the effect is limited. It can be said that the performance is the same as the 7S26 movement. 38 hours of energy storage, dual display of weekly calendar, manual winding is not supported, and seconds cannot be stopped. 7S26 and 7S36 are basically extinct in Seiko's main markets such as Japan and North America. They are mainly targeted at their "low-income markets". Their performance is average, and the daily difference is generally between 15 and 30 seconds. The gap is also very big. If the RP is good, you can buy a day difference of less than 10 seconds. If the RP is not good, you can buy a day difference of 40 seconds ...

But if you consider its price ... This result is already very bad. Based on the 7S movement, 22 stone, Seiko contains the polished autopilot appearance. The main upgrade has improved the energy storage performance, reaching more than 50 hours, but there are limited improvements in other aspects, and it does not support manual winding. It has been discontinued and has been replaced by the 4R35 series movement. An improved version of the two 7S movements. 24 stone, canceled the flashy autopilot appearance polishing, improved the movement stability of the movement, the effect is more obvious, basically not like 7S26, 7S36 20 seconds slower today and 20 seconds faster tomorrow (two days counted down The daily difference is 0 ~!).

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