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Standart 3rd time with pregnant cousin

3rd time with pregnant cousinMy cousin was Mia for that weekend I didn't hear from her.* Then Monday it was my turn to drive so I picked her up that morning. Our work is only about 15 miles from her house. To my surprise soon as we got out of her driveway she leaned over and put her head in my lap. She started kissing at my cock threw my shorts.* Soon as she could tell it was hard she started pulling at my waistband. When she finally got it free she just devoured my cock . I said damn girl you getting me started early.* She looked up at me and said she just wanted to repay me for the other night. So she blowed me all the way to work.* Soon as we were fixing to pull in I shot my load down my cousins throat.* She didn't waist a drop. We worked that day then on the way home I got another blowjob. But this time I was able to play with her pussy. This went on all week. Then Wednesday afternoon she told me that she had talked her Yankee husband into coming home he'd be there Saturday.* He would be returning to work with us so she didn't know how we were going to have time to ourselves.* Thursday afternoon we were surprised to find that we didn't have to work Friday. So on the way home we made a plan not to tell anyone we was off. She called and rented a hotel room for Friday in a neighboring town.* We would leave in the morning just like going to work. Friday morning I picked her up she had on a short skirt. canlı bahis That was unbelievably hott with a blouse that barely covered her milk swollen breast. Soon as we made it to the next town she said she needed to stop by Walmart to pick up a few things. We ran in and she headed to the family planning section . I was thinking she was wanting to get condoms.* But she stopped and bent over to get some lube. When she bent over she was flashing me right there in the middle of the store. She turned and smiled and said I think we may need this today.* I said yeah cause we got plenty of time.* When we made it to the hotel I went to get some ice and she went on to the room.* When I returned to the room she was laying on the bed watching swamp people.* As I put the ice away she turned the tv off and said come on big boy. When I turned to her I could see straight up her skirt so as I climbed in bed I ran my tongue up her leg to her inner thigh. Slowly making my way to her pussy she had freshly shaven . I was licking her pussy all the way from asshole to clit she would squirm Everytime my tongue touched her asshole. She was fucking my face grinding all up on me I slid a finger inside her she was riding it hard. When I slid another finger up her ass she cummed all over my face. So I pulled at her skirt to get it off I kissed my way up unbuttoning her blouse and kissing on her huge tits soon as I got that high bahis siteleri I reached down and slid my cock into her.* She was moaning in ecstasy.* Slowly pumping my cousin it was like this Is the way it should be.* I reached down and rub her clit and ran a finger inside her ass soon as I did she cummed again.* This sent me into my own powerful orgasm I blew my load into my cousin.* So we set there and talked trying to figure out how we'd get together when her husband got back.* I got up to go pee when I returned she was laying on her side with her back to me. When I climbed in bed I started to massage her ass cheeks she flipped on her stomach al. I straddled her legs rubbing her ass I'd spread them out to give me a view of her asshole . I leaned down and licked her ass Crack . This sent chills all over her body.* My cock was starting to throb again so I started licking on her asshole.* With my head buried in her ass she got up on all fours . So I flipped over and put my mouth under her pussy and pulled her down so she was sitting on my face. I licked her and sucked her clit our mixture of juices was like heaven.* She cummed again on my face then she fell forward.* I got up to see her beautiful ass still staring at me. I started to rub my cock up and down her ass Crack . She reached back and spread her ass cheeks as I started pushing my cock into her asshole.* I went in full force and wide open.* güvenilir bahis I*pounder her ass hard as I could she was crying in pleasure. As I blew my load into her ass. I backed up to get a view of her asshole seeing my cum oozing out of her was a big turn on . We lay there and took a nap when I awoke an hr or so later she had taken things into her own hands. She was sucking my cock trying to get it hard again. She Was Successful She CLIMBED On Top Of ME And Started To Ride ME . She cummed not long after. Then she reached down and pulled my cock out as she climbed closer to me she shoved my cock into her asshole. And started riding it again she bounced hard on me as I cummed in her ass she was orgasming again. We laid there a lil while I guess she dosed off. When I got up to get a shower I was almost done when she came in to join me . She reached around and grabbed my cock and washed it and said think you can go another round? I told her I doubt it I'm pretty much pooped. I finished my shower got dressed and returned to the bed to sit down and watch a lil tv before we left. When she came in naked and came over and pushed me down and climbed up on my face. She said I need one more today. She grinded her pussy into my mouth as I was tongue fucking her she cummed again. Then she got dressed and we left for home. But on the way home she had put her head in my lap kissing at my cock saying I'm going to miss you . Before long she had it hard so she sucked me off again on the way.... we've not gotten together many times since this she moved up north . But when she comes home to visit we always make it a point to see each other. ..
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