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Standart How to Invest in Esports

How to Invest in Esports
Now the video game industry is divided into four main segments by platform.
Console gaming is the creation of video games for stationary and portable consoles: PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo. The main sources of revenue are physical and digital copies of games, add-ons, seasonal subscriptions and microtransactions. To attract users, console manufacturers often sell consoles at a loss at the beginning of their life cycle, but this is compensated by royalties: companies retain a percentage — usually the standard 30% — of sales of digital games on their platforms.
PC gaming is the release of games on computers. Consoles have a larger audience, but many still prefer to use computers - especially in those countries where consoles have not gained popularity due to low incomes in the past: Eastern Europe, China, South America. And besides, there are a lot of exclusive games coming out on the PC, which are not found on consoles.
How to Invest in Esports
Mobile gaming is the development of video games for smartphones and tablets. Basically, games are free on phones, so developers earn money from advertising impressions and aggressive monetization of content - through subscriptions and donations. At the moment, mobile gaming brings in the most money in the industry, because the development costs are relatively small, and the size of the audience is enormous: up to half of all humanity plays in them, including people who would never call themselves gamers.
Cloud gaming is the ability to play video games on any computer or phone by transferring computing loads from your device to a remote device. A promising industry that is developing more and more every year thanks to the acceleration of the Internet.
The industry is based on three main models of game monetization: free-to-play, pay-to-play and services.
The idea of free-to-play is the zero cost of purchasing a video game: developers earn money from advertising and microtransactions. Microtransactions, or donations, are often introduced aggressively — for example, a player cannot complete a level until he buys powerful armor for real money. But lately, donat is limited only to cosmetic things, whether it's beautiful clothes or a skin for weapons.
Most often, free-to-play is used in mobile gaming and on computers, but there is usually no advertising on PCs. This model is the main driver of the growth of shares of gaming companies such as Tencent, Roblox, NetEase and MTG.
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